Monday, July 18, 2011

Carpet Backing

Carpet backing is an important ingredient on the production of a carpet. Backing of the carpet is what determines its quality. People typically look for the carpet face and its particular appearance only and purchase it without giving consideration to its backing.

Carpet backing is primarily broken into a couple of main types: primary and secondary type. Primary type is one wherein the fibers are woven using needles while the secondary type is just a support to the carpet and absolutely nothing is woven in it. Primary and secondary backing is connected jointly by using glue known as latex glue. The backing that is seen at the back is usually the secondary type.

Carpet backing not just protects the carpets but additionally provides it with a form and framework. It's also utilized to protect the carpet against dampness and germs. There are plenty of diverse types of backing utilized beneath the carpets. When choosing a carpet among the most critical aspect to consider would be the backing quality and material and choose the highest quality because it is responsible for the grade of carpet.

Padding can also be viewed as the backing of carpet. It's a padding that's installed underneath the carpet to further improve its quality, thickness and softness. What's more, it works as an insulating material that will protect the carpet against damaging elements. Rubber backing is extremely typical particularly in rugs. They can be versatile and very tough. Carpets having rubber backing can be simply rinsed in washing machines. Carpet backing is extremely important plus it offers a great form on the carpet.


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